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Nutritional yeast: the golden flakes with many benefits

Nutritional yeast: the golden flakes with many benefits

Thanks to its many nutritional properties (including its high vitamin B12 content) as well as its taste similar to cheese and roasted nuts, nutritional yeast is the seasoning of the hour! Find out more about these vegan, gluten-free and low in sodium flakes.

Food yeast is mainly derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This unicellular fungal micro-organism is recognized in the fields of healthy food and natural health products for its many nutritional and therapeutic properties. On the nutritional level, it has a high content of B-complex vitamins (especially vitamin B12), vitamin D, protein, fiber and amino acids. On the therapeutic side, it supports the immune, energy, muscular and integumentary systems, in addition to having prebiotic and probiotic actions. Although it is available in powder, tablet or capsule form, it is most widely consumed as flakes. In the kitchen, it can be sprinkled as a seasoning – just like salt, pepper or Parmesan cheese – on dishes (soups, salads, pasta, etc.) or added to recipes (sauces, veggie-pâtés, vegan cheeses, etc.) to improve nutritional value and taste!

Novaë Nutrition’s nutritional yeast

In addition to helping to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, Novaë Nutrition’s nutritional yeast helps to metabolize carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. They also contain several essential nutrients and bioactive molecules, some of which promote normal growth and development, and play a role in energy metabolism.

- Nutritional B12: Source of vitamin B12.

- Nutritional B12 + D2: Source of vitamins B12 and D2, in addition to improving the assimilation and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

- Nutritional BIO-ORGANIC: For people who prefer the organic version.

- Nutritional toasted flakes: Ideal for cooking.

- LBV Nutricosmetic: Capsules of live brewer’s yeast, silicon, selenium and zinc, supporting the integumentary system (skin, nails and hair) while helping to maintain a healthy skin.

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