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Oat beverage: a nutritious and eco-friendly choice

Oat beverage: a nutritious and eco-friendly choice

In the plant-based drink section, oat beverage is gaining traction due to its eco-friendly advantage, its protein content and its smooth taste. Spotlight on Canadian brand Earth’s Own’s products.

Earth’s Own is proud to offer oat beverage made from oats grown by Canadian farmers using sustainable practices. Earth’s Own oat beverage production is environmentally friendly, needing seven times less water than dairy or almond milk, sixteen times less hectares than dairy milk, and emitting three times less greenhouse gas emissions than dairy milk. Also, Earth’s Own products come in a recyclable and renewable cardboard package made from plants from sustainable forests.

Another interesting point about Earth’s Own oat beverage is its nutritional profile. It is made with 100% Canadian healthy ingredients free of synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, artificial fertilizers and GMOs. It provides 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fibre and 0.8 grams of beta-glucan per serving. In addition, it is vegan and guaranteed free of gluten, nut and soy. Not to mention its delicately sweet taste and creamy texture! Honourable mention to the mini 250 ml formats (available in Original Unsweetened, Vanilla Unsweetened and Chocolate flavors), which are very practical to slip into the children’s lunch boxes!

(This content was developed in partnership with Earth’s Own.)

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