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Omega3 + Joy supplements by Genuine Health

Omega3 + Joy supplements by Genuine Health

As the winter season approaches, cold weather and low sunlight exposure can affect many people. The solution? Omega3 + JOY supplements by Canadian brand Genuine Health, known to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal depression.

 The role of omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are of the essential polyunsaturated fats family. They are said to be “essential” since the body does not manufacture them1 and they are necessary for overall health (cardiovascular, cognitive, cutaneous, digestive and mental health). Also, omega-3s nourish the intestine and promote the adhesion of probiotics to intestinal cells2. Genuine Health omega-3s are made from fish oils that exceed quality, purity and freshness standards, and contain high levels of EPA and DHA2 (two types of marine-source fatty acids with many benefits).

 Omega3 + JOY products

Inspired by cutting-edge research and designed in collaboration with a naturopathic doctor, Genuine Health’s Omega3 + JOY supplement contains 2,000 mg EPA and 100 mg DHA per daily dose. The effectiveness of this amount has been clinically proven to help improve mood by alleviating symptoms of seasonal depression, by supporting cognitive health and brain function, and by reducing inflammation in the body. Furthermore, the Omega3 + JOY supplements do not cause reflux, have no fish after-taste and contain no gluten, wheat, dairy, dye, flavouring or artificial sweetener.

 About Genuine Health

Founded in 1996 by Stewart Brown, natural health brand Genuine Health stands out by its high quality standards and sustained research efforts. Offering hundreds of products made from organic ingredients and GMO-free (superfoods, fermented products, omega-3s, multivitamins, probiotics, pain control, sports nutrition, weight management and skin care), Genuine Health is not only synonymous with physical and mental well-being, but also with environmental awareness and social impact.

 (This content was developed in partnership with Genuine Health.)


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