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Organika MCT Coffee Cream

Organika MCT Coffee Cream

Nourish your body and brain by adding healthy fats rather than sugars to your coffee with Organika TCM Coffee Cream, a powdered collagen and MCT coconut oil supplement.

Organika’s MCT Coffee Cream is made up of only two natural ingredients: Enhanced CollagenTM peptides (100% pure hydrolyzed collagen from hormone and antibiotic-free grass-fed cattle) and MCT coconut oil powder (sustainably harvested in Southeast Asia). This healthy dairy, sugar, gluten and soy-free blend not only adds collagen protein to your coffee, but also has the following health benefits: it is a source of fuel for the body and the brain, it increases the level of leptin in the body (satiety hormone), it improves cognitive function and it supports digestive health. Other interesting facts: MCT Coffee Cream is available in original or vanilla flavor and is suitable for the ketogenic diet.

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