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Patience Fruit & Co’s latest products

Patience Fruit & Co’s latest products

In Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, millions of organic cranberries are grown and harvested every fall at the family-run Patience Fruit & Co cranberry farm, before being transformed into a variety of exquisite products. On our radar this month: fresh cranberries and Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Chococrunch Bites.

Fresh cranberries

Available from September to December, Patience Fruit & Co’s fresh cranberries are farmed organically, without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They are harvested when they are ripe and brightly coloured, just when their polyphenols (antioxidant) content is the highest. In the kitchen, fresh cranberries can be used for breakfast (in a smoothie or jam) and all the way up to desserts (in a crumble or dipped in chocolate). On the savoury side, they will add a touch of acidity to your sauces. Good to know: fresh cranberries can be stored for three months in the refrigerator in their original packaging, in case you want to stock up!

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Chococrunch Bites

Thanks to their short list of healthy ingredients (60% cocoa dark chocolate, raspberry powder, dried cranberries, cranberry seeds, crispy brown rice, roasted almonds, cocoa butter and sea salt) and their natural fibre (4g per 40g serving) and polyphenols (992mg per 40g serving) content, these gluten and sugar-free bites are a great healthy, guilt-free option to satisfy your sugar cravings. Eat them right out of the bag or incorporate them into yogurt and desserts!

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