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Prana chocolate barks

Prana chocolate barks

Whether as dessert bites or as Christmas stocking stuffers, one thing is for sure: your family and friends will love Quebec brand Prana’s chia, maca and matcha chocolate barks!

 Chocolate barks

In addition to having a crunchy and melting texture and being composed of healthy and organic ingredients, PRANA chocolate barks are made of fair trade chocolate with 62% cocoa and are enriched with superfoods. Here are the three flavours available:

MATCHA MAGIC: Impossible to resist these decadent and aerial barks, composed of puffed brown rice, sesame seeds and matcha powder … A real source of long-lasting energy!

MACA POWER: Both gourmet and healthy, these barks combine the generous crunch of almonds, corn and maple flakes. Also, they contain a hint of maca powder, known for its positive effect on energy and mood!

CHIA BALANCE: Crunchy and nutrient-rich, these barks contain slices of caramelized coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and ProactivChia (chia seeds with probiotics). And they offer 4 g of protein per serving!



Founded in Montreal in 2005, PRANA offers a wide range of pantry essentials (nut butters, cereals, seeds, dried fruits, raw nuts, superfoods, etc.) and healthy snacks (coconut chips, chocolate barks, nut mixes, etc.) to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. All of their products are certified organic, GMO-free, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free and sulphite-free!

(This content was developed in partnership with PRANA.)

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