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Pranarōm’s natural solutions to relieve winter ailments

Pranarōm’s natural solutions to relieve winter ailments

As a reference in the field of scientific aromatherapy, Pranarōm offers natural and organic health and wellness products. On our radar this month: Aromavita complexes 6 and 49 as well as the Eucalyptus respiratory balm, perfect for relieving winter ailments.

Although essential oils are often used in diffusers for their air purifying virtues, they are also recommended for therapeutic purposes. Aromatherapy – a natural method that relies on the activity of biochemical molecules of essential oils – consists of the use of essential oils for the harmonization of physical and mental health, as well as for strengthening the natural healing process of the body. In this regard, here are three products recommended by Pranarōm for the winter:

Aromatherapy blends

These blends of 100% pure, natural and integral essential oils must be mixed with a plant-based oil base for topical application.

Aromavita 6 – Cold and cough: Composed of essentials oils of Ravintsara, Mandravasarotra, Rosemary and Eucalyptus dives, this blend prevents and relieves symptoms related to respiratory tract infections throughout the year.

Aromavita 49 – Sinus and earache: Composed of essential oils of Spike lavender, Tea tree, Rosemary, Peppermint, Bay laurel and Clove, this blend provides a solution to sinusitis and ear infection symptoms.

Eucalyptus respiratory balm

This comforting balm, to be evenly applied in a thin layer on the chest, provides soothing vapours that help temporarily relieve mild nasal congestion and cough associated with colds.

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