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Prana’s chocolate barks made with superfoods

Prana’s chocolate barks made with superfoods

For this month’s article, I wanted to talk to you about Prana’s three new products: Chia Balance, Matcha Magic and Maca Power chocolate barks. Why? Because they are proof that eating healthy and eating superfoods can be far from boring!

Although I fell in love with Prana products a long time ago, it is only recently that I have developed a real sense of admiration for this brand. From product manufacturing to marketing, their corporate mission is to promote the importance of healthy eating … I welcome this team that works every day to make a real difference in people’s lives. By the way, you might want to discover the recipe section of their website if you haven’t already! It is filled with snack ideas and tasty dishes that will certainly be among your favorites! In the meantime, I will share my impressions of their three new chocolate snacks and tell you more about their health benefits!

Chia Balance

Chia Balance chocolate bark is made from a blend of premium caramelized coconut and ProactivChia chia seeds (an exclusive blend of probiotics and chia seeds), mixed with 62% cocoa fair trade chocolate.

- The benefits of chia seeds: They are packed with essential nutrients and are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron and calcium. Together with probiotics, chia seeds are a super ally for gut health.

- My impressions: As I am a big fan of coconut and chocolate, I must say that this flavour is by far my favorite! A single bark is enough to satisfy my sugar craving!

Matcha Magic

Matcha Magic chocolate bark is a blend of roasted sesame, crispy rice and matcha, mixed with 62% cocoa fair trade chocolate.

- The benefits of matcha: Tencha, the tea from which matcha is produced, grows only in specifically shaded tea plantations. The tea plant compensates for the lack of sun by a considerable production of chlorophyll, which gives the leaf a subtle sweet taste. Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee, but provides more sustainable energy than this one. Its very high antioxidant content is another health benefits.

- My impressions: I love the crunchiness of the roasted sesame and crispy rice. Not to mention the matcha, which adds the perfect touch of bitterness and provides an instant boost of energy. Simply wow!

Maca Power

Maca Power chocolate bark consists of a mixture of corn flakes of ancient grains, almonds and maca powder, mixed with 62% cocoa fair trade chocolate.

- The benefits of maca: Maca root has a considerable content of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The known benefits of Maca root include increased energy and endurance. Due to its tonic, anti-stress aspect and the fact that it helps to increase the fertility and sexual vigor, maca powder is gaining more and more popularity. I love it because of its creamy taste, which matches perfectly with cocoa.

- My impressions: Although I liked its crunchiness, I was less charmed by its general taste for the simple reason that I am not a cornflake lover. But notice to all those who love it: you must try this healthy treat!

Many of you were wondering what I thought of these new products. I hope I answered your questions and enlightened you on your new favorite chocolate snack!

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