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Pure Marine Plasma® by Actimar®: a mineral solution in perfect harmony with your body

Pure Marine Plasma® by Actimar®: a mineral solution in perfect harmony with your body

Vital for multiple physiological processes, Pure Marine Plasma® brings in a perfectly balanced and highly assimilable way the complete mineral spectrum that the body needs for optimal function. Find out more about product range Actimar®.

Harvested in a Natura 2000 Atlantic Ocean protected area off the coast of France, Pure Marine Plasma® is cold-microfiltered three times over in a pharmaceutical laboratory to ensure its richness and purity. A unique substance, it is almost identical to the extracellular liquid in which our cells bathe, feed and exchange. It provides the body with the full spectrum of minerals, electrolytes and trace elements it needs for ideal health. More specifically, Pure Marine Plasma® helps to nourish the body at the cellular level, to revive and support vital physiological functions. Here are the Actimar® products to discover:

Isotonic: The gentlest formula for everyone, it helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It also contributes to the development and maintenance of bones and teeth as well as to the proper functioning of muscles and tissue formation. (Available in ampoules or bottle)

Also available as a spray, Actimar® Nasal Isotonic Spray is a must-have for moisturizing, relieving and unblocking sinuses all year round. (Available in 150 ml economy bottle)

Hypertonic: Formula three times more concentrated than isotonic, it offers a quick boost and a greater quantity of nutrients with each intake. (Available in ampoules or bottle)

Marisyl Hepa: A unique synergy of magnesium-rich seawater, organic fresh black radish, milk thistle, burdock and artichoke, this formula is designed to cleanse, detoxify and protect the liver. It also promotes proper digestion and elimination of toxins and helps maintain optimal hydration and energy levels. (Available in ampoules)

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