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Quebec honey by Naturoney

Quebec honey by Naturoney

Whether to sweeten your favourite recipes or add some kick to your warm beverages, local company Naturoney honeys are to be discovered. Find out more about these sweet products that really pay tribute to our land.

The adventure began in 1990 with the association of three beekeepers and their 4,500 hives. Today, this Quebec cooperative, which has become a leader of honey production in Canada, has created several brands of 100% pure specialty honeys, recognized for being unpasteurized and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Here are the Naturoney flagship products:

Quebec honey: Produced exclusively in Quebec, this summer honey with a sweet floral fragrance is delicious with plain yogurt and goat cheese as well as in teas and herbal teas.

Goldenrod honey: Made from a wild, yellow-flowered plant called goldenrod, this honey, with a rich and slightly spicy taste characterized by floral and vanilla notes, can be used as a spread or served with cheese and crème brûlée.

Blueberry honey: Obtained from the pollination of the blueberry flower fields of Lac-Saint-Jean, this honey with fruity notes and a spicy finish is delicious in poultry marinades as well as with desserts.

Buckwheat honey: Created from the nectar of buckwheat flowers, this honey has a very pronounced and highly aromatic taste that pairs very well with chicken drumsticks as well as with bakery and pastry products.

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In addition to its local and Canadian honeys, Naturoney also imports organic honeys to help us discover specialty products of different origins and flavors. The company has developed an online traceability tool that allows consumers to know precisely which apiary and which beekeepers the honey comes from. To find out where your honey originates, simply go to naturoney.com and enter the code on the lid of the product purchased in the box “Where does my honey come from” … and there you go!

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