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Redefining the world of coffee

Redefining the world of coffee

What is Café Mystique‘s mission? To become one of Canada’s leading companies in the import, roasting and distribution of specialty grade coffees. Find out more about this local company.

Founded in 1998, Café Mystique is a Montreal-based company that exclusively offers specialty grade arabica coffee. Less than 10% of the coffee produced in the world can earn this designation, which requires the following requirements: the coffee must be of the arabica variety, grown at an altitude of more than 1,200 meters, hand-picked and specially roasted to express the flavors and subtleties of its region. Café Mystique also stands out by its organically grown coffee beans (meaning that they are grown and processed without the use of pesticides) and certified Fair Trade under the Fairtrade Canada label (guaranteeing safe working conditions and fair royalties to farmers, as well as respect for the environment).


Café Mystique offers a variety of products including whole bean coffee, roasted and ground coffee and now 100% recyclable K-Cup® Mystique coffee capsules.

- Coffee beans: Costa Rica, Equit-Espresso, Espresso Romano, Le Réveil Matin, Nicaragua

- Ground coffee: Costa Rica, Equit-Espresso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Le Réveil Matin, Nicaragua, Peru, Sumatra, Mexico Decaf, Sumatra Decaf

- Recyclable K-Cup® coffee capsules: Brunito, Choix Mix, Le Réveil Matin, Nordic, Decaf Water

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