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Relieving digestive and intestinal ailments during the Holidays

Relieving digestive and intestinal ailments during the Holidays

Between copious meals and short nights, the Holiday season can disrupt our bodies in many ways. Here are five product suggestions from Canadian brand Renew Life to help prevent and relieve digestive and intestinal problems.

Digestion relief

DigestMORE Regular Strength: These plant-based digestive enzyme and L-glutamine capsules promote proper digestion and relieve the digestive tract. (For people with sensitive stomachs).

DigestMORE Ultra Strength: These plant-based capsule highly concentrated in digestive enzymes provide powerful support to the digestive system and reduce intestinal discomfort. (For people with daily gastrointestinal disorders).

DigestMORE HCI (hydrochloric acid): These digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride capsules soothe intestinal discomfort and gastric reflux and maintain a healthy level of acidity in the stomach.

Liver and colon cleansing

CleanseMORE: Made wit magnesium hydroxide and laxative phyto-ingredients, these capsules relieve occasional constipation and promote bowel movement.

CleanseSMART: Specially designed for the purification and detoxification of the liver and colon, this 30-day herbal program reduces the amount of toxins in the body and relieves occasional constipation.

(This content was developed in partnership with Renew Life.)

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