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Renew Life Kids Probiotics

Renew Life Kids Probiotics

Find out more about Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotics and Throat Defense Kids Probiotics natural supplements by Renew Life.

Kids’ intestines naturally house a set of bacteria called intestinal flora or microbiota. Probiotics (microorganisms considered to be “good bacteria”) promote the balance of this intestinal flora. They also contribute to the proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, in addition to preventing the spread of bad bacteria, helping to treat diarrhea, etc.1 Each Renew Life probiotic formula combines probiotic strains that are clinically proven to ensure maximum efficiency. Here are two specially designed for children:

Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotics

- Blend of probiotics formulated for the intestinal tract and colon of children.

- Provides 10 billion active cultures from 9 clinically studied strains per dose.

- Helps support the intestinal and gastrointestinal health of children.

- Comes in chewable tablets.

Throat Defense Kids Probiotics

- Provides 10 billion active cultures derived from 3 clinically studied strains of per dose.

- Helps support the digestive health of children, but also the health of their airways and throat (reducing viral infections).

- Comes in orange-flavoured chewable tablets.

About Renew Life

Founded in 2002, Renew Life offers a full line of natural supplements (cures, enzymes, fibre, fish oils and probiotics) made from the highest quality ingredients. Approved by Health Canada, they are designed to strengthen intestinal health and achieve overall good health.

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