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RISE Kombucha’s two new kombucha drink flavours

RISE Kombucha’s two new kombucha drink flavours

Montreal-based RISE Kombucha adds two new flavours to its selection. Lychee & Jasmine and Orange & Curcuma kombucha drinks are now available at Avril Supermarché Santé!

The power of kombucha

Kombucha is a sparkling and slightly acidulous fermented tea. Fermentation occurs through a symbiotic culture of yeasts and bacteria, commonly known as the “mother”, that produces organic acids and microorganisms1.  In addition to being thirst quenching, kombucha is beneficial as it contains enzymes2. RISE Kombucha is brewed in Quebec with high-quality, organic ingredients. The beverages are made with green, white, black and oolong tea that are rich in antioxidants. Their natural flavours are obtained from herbs and roots, and the cane sugar used is fair-trade, raw and unrefined.

New flavours

Lychee & Jasmine kombucha is made with lychee, jasmine flower and jackfruit, resulting in a sweet flavour. Butterfly pea flower gives kombucha a 100% natural purple hue. (Ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar*, kombucha*, jackfruit*, oolong tea*, butterfly pea flower, jasmine flower, green tea*, lychee*)

Orange & Turmeric is perfect to drink early in the day with its combination of orange, ginger, carrot juice and turmeric, an anti-inflammatory superfood. A real sunbath in a bottle! (Ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar*, carrot juice*, kombucha*, oolong*, lavender*, ginger*, chamomile*, turmeric*, orange juice*, green tea*, vanilla extract*)

* Certified organic by Québec Vrai

About RISE Kombucha

Montreal-based RISE Kombucha is Canada’s most popular kombucha brand. With over ten years of passion and technical expertise under its belt, it remains authentic and continues to brew its products in state-of-the-art facilities. RISE kombuchas are certified organic and raw, made with active and living cultures.

(This content has been developed in partnership with RISE Kombucha.)

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