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Simply Egg Whites

Simply Egg Whites

Made only from 100% pure egg whites, Simply Egg Whites is an easy and healthy way to consume high-quality protein!

Made by Canadian family-owned business Burnbrae Farms, Simply Egg Whites is an all-natural (no ingredients or preservatives added) and pasteurized product that is certified “Aliments préparés au Québec” (Prepared in Quebec). It is available in 500g (equivalent to 14 egg whites) and 1kg cartons. Good to know: these can be frozen for 3 months if frozen before the expiry date.

A healthy food

Egg whites have many nutritional qualities. In addition to containing no cholesterol or fat, they are a good source of high-quality protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals (vitamins B2, B3, B9 and potassium). Egg white is also a low-calorie food: for example, one quarter cup is equivalent to 30 calories.

Simply Egg Whites is a versatile and ready-to-use product. It can be used for baking, added to smoothies and replace whole eggs in omelettes or frittatas, etc. Its main advantage is that it delivers egg whites quickly and without waste, without having to crack the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks!

About Burnbrae Farms

When it was founded in 1940, Canadian family-owned business Burnbrae Farms specialized solely in the production of eggs. Over the decades, it has become an integral part of the agricultural industry in Canada, offering innovative products such as cracked and prepared eggs. Today, Burnbrae Farms is known for working with a team of Canadian farmers dedicated to producing nutritious and affordable eggs, while making poultry welfare a priority. Burnbrae Farms is proud to have supported Quebec egg producers for over 50 years and to offer “Aliments du Québec” certified eggs.

(This content was developed in partnership with Burnbrae Farms.)

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