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SmartSweets candies: guilt-free treats

SmartSweets candies: guilt-free treats

Naturally sweetened and high in fibre, plant-based candies from Canadian company SmartSweets have it all!

SmartSweets was founded in Vancouver by 22 year-old Tara Bosh, a woman who wanted to develop a healthy option to the candy she loved to eat. The result? SmartSweets candies are:

- Low in calorie (80 to 90 calories per 50g serving)

- Low glycemic index (they contain 3 to 5 g of sugar per 50g serving)

- Naturally sweetened (from monk’s fruit and stevia)

- Naturally flavoured and coloured (from fruit and vegetable juices)

- Rich in fiber (from chicory root and tapioca)

- Alcohol free

- Free of major allergens (such as gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and lactose)

Available at Avril

- Gummy Worms

- Gummy Bears

- Peach Rings

- Sweet Fish

- Sour Blast Buddies

(This content was developed in partnership with SmartSweets).

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