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SURO: Elderberry-based natural and organic medicine

SURO: Elderberry-based natural and organic medicine

Find out more about SURO products to help prevent and cure winter ailments.

Quebec-based brand SURO is a pioneer in the growing of organic elderberries in Canada. Approved by Health Canada, all SURO products are made with elderberries or elderflowers, ingredients praised for their health benefits: they are rich in vitamins, they have a high content of antioxidants, they strengthen the immune defenses, they help fight the symptoms of colds and flu, etc. Here are three SURO products recommended for this time of year:

Organic elderberry concentrate 5:1

This concentrate for adults and children, made exclusively of elderberry juice, offers 25,000 mg of elderberries per teaspoon (5 ml). It is used to strengthen the immune system as a preventive measure.

Organic elderberry syrup for adults and children

This range of elderberry and elderflower syrups is also made with unpasteurized Canadian honey and propolis. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties and helps relieve and fight the symptoms of colds and flu such as sore throat, cough, excess mucus, fever, etc.

Note: It is recommended to take the syrups for adults and children as soon as the first symptoms of colds and flu appear, as they are made with honey to relieve coughing. However, for those who do not like honey, the organic elderberry concentrate is also effective.


This product is made with 17 medicinal plants, including elderflower, eucalyptus, nettle, mullein and plantain and has emollient and expectorant properties. It is used to soothe the symptoms of bronchitis and excess mucus in the upper respiratory tract.

(This content was developed in partnership with SURO.)

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