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Terra Café: the secret behind the Avril bistro coffee

Terra Café: the secret behind the Avril bistro coffee

What is the secret of great-tasting coffee? The quality of the coffee grains. At Avril, we are proud to serve Terra coffee. Here is a presentation of this company, known for its humane approach and superior coffee, hand-roasted in Montreal.

Family history

Inspired by his father, a man of Italian origin who found success in the business of importing deli products, Carlo Granito decided to found Terra Café in 1978 in Montreal. Barely 23 years old, this passionate humanist and entrepreneur met with farmers and started to import his own coffees beans. Throughout his four decades of expertise in selecting, roasting and tasting coffee beans, Carlo Granito has developed his own roasting technique called TAG (Torrefazione Artigianale Granito). In addition, thanks to his innate sense of taste for uncompromising quality, he quickly learned to select the best products and to come up with innovative and refined mixtures under his Thé Ariel tea brand. Today, Terra Café et Thé Ltée are operated by Carlo Granito, Aimée Granito (his youngest daughter) as well as Stéphane Gauvin and John August Roveto (his two son-in-laws).

Superior quality

John August Roveto, the master roaster of Terra Café et Thés Ltée. and his team are able to bring out the subtle yet complex aromas of their coffee with the TAG roasting technique. This special technique allows complete caramelization of the sugars contained in the coffee beans.


Respect for the human and the environment

Concerned about the well-being of farmers and their families as well as the needs of his own community, Carlo Granito created the Humaniterra Foundation, which allows him to donate part of his income to both local and foreign non-profit organizations. Terra Café et Thé Ltée also has UTZ certification (a sustainability program that requires, among other things, good agricultural practices, the best working conditions for health and safety, the elimination of child labour and the protection of nature) and the Rainforest Alliance certification (a non-governmental organization that is helping coffee farmers by training them in sustainable development methods that increase yields and preserve healthy lands for future generations).


(This content has been developed with Café et Thé Ltée.)

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