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The benefits of camelina oil and seeds

The benefits of camelina oil and seeds

A well-kept secret for 3 000 years, camelina is a plant that produces small seeds with big benefits. Find out more about the Signé Caméline products from Quebec-based company Oliméga.

Originally native to northern Europe and central Asia, camelina is a cruciferous plant grown in Quebec that produces small yellow flowers, from which the seeds are harvested. Considered a superfood, these seeds have exceptional nutritional properties. For example, a 15 g (½ tbsp.) serving contains 4 g of fiber, 4 g of protein and 1.5 g of omega 3. Camelina seeds are also appreciated for their nutty and cruciferous taste as well as their herbaceous notes. They have a soft and crunchy texture they and swell slightly on contact with water.

Signed Caméline products

Camelina seeds: They come in their most natural, raw state. In the kitchen, whole or ground camelina seeds will enhance the nutritional value of both your sweet and savory dishes.

Camelina oil: This cold-pressed virgin oil is naturally rich in antioxidants and helps lowering cholesterol levels. Epicureans appreciate it for its subtle taste of hazelnut and sesame as well as its delicate aroma reminiscent of asparagus. Also, camelina oil remains stable under heat (up to 475 °F) and can be stored for more than 30 months at room temperature.

About Oliméga

Founded in 2014, Oliméga is a leader in the production and processing of camelina-derived products. The mission of this Quebec-based family-owned business in Saint-Édouard is to work constantly to develop sustainable and eco-responsible cultivation techniques to produce the best camelina products, while respecting the land.

(This content was developed in partnership with Oliméga.)

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