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The Naturellement Gourmet product of the month: organic apple cider vinegar

The Naturellement Gourmet product of the month: organic apple cider vinegar

From extra-virgin olive oils to balsamic vinegars and condiments, from apple cider vinegars to maple syrups, Naturellement Gourmet epicurean products will captivate the finest palates with their rich, unique and savoury taste. This month’s selection: organic apple cider vinegar.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is obtained through the fermentation of cider, under the action of bacteria and yeast1. It is a mild bactericidal product (which kills bad bacteria and replaces them with good ones) and a remineralizer (which brings the missing minerals to the body). To take full advantage of these properties, we must focus on an organic cider vinegar (which is free from chemicals and antibacterial agents), unpasteurized (which is as neutral as possible) and produced in a traditional way3, like our home brand Naturellement Gourmet.

Its main benefits

It balances gut flora: Apple cider vinegar promotes the development of gut flora and regulates the intestinal transit, thanks to its very powerful antibacterial properties1.

Since apple cider vinegar prevents microbes from accumulating in the bowel and reduces the feeling of bloating, some people consume it every morning – about one to two teaspoons – to have a flat stomach or use it in detox treatment (even if its detox benefits have not been proven scientifically1.)

It ensures good digestion: Apple cider vinegar helps stimulate digestion and also acts as a natural antibiotic in case of diarrhea, thanks to its very powerful antibacterial properties2.

It regulates blood sugar levels: Apple cider vinegar reduces glucose and insulin in the blood, thanks to the acetic acid it contains1.

It eliminates fats: Apple cider vinegar drops cholesterol levels in the blood, due its acetic acid content2.

Since apple cider vinegar prevents fats from hardening and reduces appetite thanks to its apple pectin content, some researchers recommend that people who want to lose weight drink it every night2.

Naturallement Gourmet apple cider vinegar

Our apple cider vinegar comes from Italy. It is made only of concentrated organic apple juice, naturally and statically fermented to obtain a direct conversion of sugar into acetic acid, thus leading to a lower acidity and a better balance with the native sugar. From salad dressings to marinades, pasta sauces and mocktails … This gourmet condiment will add a touch of refinement to your dishes!



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