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The new Nordora Bioprotect range

The new Nordora Bioprotect range

Canadian brand Nordora, renowned for its face care products made from tree molecules in the boreal forest,  has just launched BioProtect, a range designed to take care of the skin before the appearance of the signs of aging. Learn more about it and also discover the Nordora beauty routine.

 Nature at the service of beauty

Nordora was founded in 2016 by Pascal Ranger and Greg Benanti. Their goal was to create 100% natural and effective skin care products. To achieve this, both men were inspired by the strength and richness of Northern Canada’s forests to design their products. All are made from regenerative molecules contained in boreal trees: white birch, yellow birch, white spruce, black spruce and red maple. “Since the Nordora brand uses the same bioactive ingredients used by nature to protect and regenerate itself, it is ideal for skin that is affected by our harsh winter climate,” says Pascal Ranger.

 The BioProtect range: hydration and protection

The BioProtect range is designed to take care of the skin before the appearance of the signs of aging. It deeply hydrates and regenerates the protective barrier of the epidermis, reduces redness, in addition to having antioxidant and anti-pollution properties. Its key ingredients are wild seaweed extract from Baie-des-Chaleurs (rich in bioactive polysaccharides, it hydrates the skin and helps maintain its hydration rate) and wild blueberry extract (a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals created by exposure to harsh conditions). Products available include:  eye contour cream, face creams for normal, sensitive or oily skin and night serum.

Nordora’s beauty routine

  1. Cleanse

Biopureté micellar water: Its white birch betulin extract removes impurities and makeup, for a clean, purified and soothed skin.

  1. Tone

BioPureté purifying water: This light mist tones, moisturizes and deposits white birch betulin on the skin, protecting it all day or night.

  1. Treat

Biopureté Eye Contour + BioProtect Face Cream + BioProtect Night Serum

  1. Revitalize

BioPureté Cleansing Exfoliating Gel: Fine particles of black spruce exfoliate the skin gently, for a skin free of excess dead cells and sebum.

BioVitalité regenerating mask: Made with Manicouagan clay, one of the richest minerals in the world, it purifies, remineralizes and revives the skin.

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