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Thehealtea herbal iced teas

Thehealtea herbal iced teas

Made from only four ingredients and containing no caffeine or theine, organic and natural herbal iced teas from Quebec company Thehealtea are an original and healthy alternative to water and sweet drinks!


Leila, Francesco and Pascal all grew up with grandmothers who used medicinal plants for healing. Several years later, these three entrepreneurs wanted to market a drink that met the population’s growing need for healthy options. To achieve this, they conducted numerous laboratory tests to create the best herbal teas, both in terms of taste and health benefits. This is how Thehealtea was born in June 2018.

Organic herbal iced teas

Cold-infused, Thehealtea iced teas are made with only four ingredients – water, herbal infusions, lemon juice and maple syrup – all natural and certified organic by Ecocert Canada. They also contain medicinal herbs such as dandelion, nettle and rosemary. And they contain only 50 calories per 500ml bottle! Three varieties are available:

ResetTea: This fresh and invigorating herbal tea is ideal for energizing the body or relieving heartburn after too much food or alcohol. (Ingredients: water, peppermint infusion, dandelion leaf infusion, lemon juice and maple syrup).

GingerTea: With its calming properties, this herbal tea is perfect for soothing upset stomachs, abdominal cramps or anxiety. (Ingredients: water, chamomile infusion, ginger infusion, lemon juice and maple syrup).

ThirstTea: This refreshing herbal tea is ideal for quenching thirst or to recuperate after sport, since it contains natural electrolytes. (Ingredients: water, nettle infusion, rosemary infusion, lemon juice and maple syrup).

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