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Three-in-one skin creams

Three-in-one skin creams

Winter can be hard on our skin. Take care of yours with Silver Biotics Antimicrobial Skin Creams with healing, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Details below.

Silver Biotics Antimicrobial Skin Creams are designed to work on several levels. They treat minor skin wounds and infections (dryness, rash, eczema, athlete’s foot, etc.) thanks to the SilverSol® formula, a patented 20 ppm silver solution with very strong healing power. They also protect the skin for more than four hours with their antibacterial action.

These pH-balanced organic skin care products are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates and artificial colourings. They moisturize the skin with hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and vitamin E, they have a smooth texture and penetrate quickly. They are available in three different fragrances: Unscented, Lavender and Grapefruit.

(This content was developed in partnership with Silver Biotics).

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