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As you may know, I’m lactose intolerant, but like everyone else I love to indulge in ice cream once in a while. In this article, I’ll talk about three of my favourite ice cream alternatives that you can find at Avril Supermarché Santé: Fontaine Santé organic, no added sugar sorbets and Coconut Bliss frozen coconut milk ice cream and ice cream bars. Once you try these three vegan desserts, you will never go back to regular dairy ice cream again!


Fontaine Santé organic, no added sugar sorbets

100% natural, no added sugar, lactose free, fat free, gluten free and preservative free; Fontaine Santé organic sorbets are both healthy and delicious! Made from real fruit, they make refreshing snacks and satisfying desserts. They come in 5 yummy flavours: field berries, mango, pear, tropical, and my favourite … raspberry! Served with a few basil leaves, it is to die for!


Coconut Bliss organic dairy free ice cream

If you’ve never had Coconut Bliss coconut milk ice cream, go to Avril Supermarché Santé and get it right now! This is probably one of the most mouth-watering treats on earth (not kidding)! And you can’t even tell that it’s dairy free.


The texture is super creamy and it doesn’t taste like coconut. So if you don’t particularly like coconut and you don’t eat dairy products (because of intolerance or simply by choice), this is for you! It comes in three classic flavours (vanilla island, dark chocolate, cappuccino) and other original flavours (cinnamon chocolate fusion, chocolate chip cookie, salted caramel and chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate walnut brownie, chocolate hazelnut fudge, and mocha maca crunch).


Be careful now! This product is literally addictive, so make sure you hide it from your boyfriend or children before the whole thing is gone!


Coconut Bliss coconut milk frozen bars

Just like the ice cream mentioned above, Coconut Bliss frozen bars are dairy free and made from real coconut milk. However, the taste of coconut is more present than in the ice cream version, so you actually have to enjoy coconut flavour. There is a naked coconut option, or the chocolate covered options: dark chocolate, salted caramel and chocolate, almond and chocolate.  It’s the perfect treat for those days by the pool.


Now that you know about these frozen dessert, go out and get some! If you have any other suggestions for dairy free ice cream alternatives, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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