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If there’s one thing I learned by collaborating with the Avril Supermarché Santé team, it is that Dr. Hauschka is by far one of the best natural and organic skin care lines on the market. Even Mrs. Senay, co-founder of Avril, personally recommended it to me. After more than two and a half years of working with the team, I finally made the big jump and tested different products that were carefully selected for my skin type. Here is what I discovered…

Following the skin’s own regeneration process

Although I have always been a big fan of oils, serums and regenerating night masks, there are several things I learned by reading about Dr. Hauschka’s skin care methods. Firstly, I learned that skin cells are renewed every 28 days. Secondly, the skin’s behaviour is different during the day than it is at night (during which the skin regenerates). And most importantly, I found out that Dr. Hauschka’s products are naturally processed and mirror the natural rhythm of the skin’s regeneration patterns, specifically by activating and stabilizing it.

A customized skin care routine

As much as we would like to to keep the same skin care routine forever and ever, that is impossible. Why? Because our skin changes according to several factors: seasonal changes, age, hormonal balance, etc. It is therefore quite important to pay attention to your skin’s needs. Dr. Hauschka’s philosophy is based on that very principle and therefore products and routines vary accordingly. These are not developed according to skin type, but rather according to the state in which the skin is, at a specific time. A questionnaire is used to determine which products are best for each person, and I gladly gave it a shot. Here is what was recommended for me:

Morning: cleansing milk, tonic lotion, pink light cream (when my skin is normal) or melissa day cream (when my skin is oily).

Evening: cleansing milk, tonic lotion, normal skin toning serum, or even nothing at all (to let my skin regenerate by itself).

My impressions

To be honest, I didn’t think I would notice such a big change. Let me explain: I have always had combination skin problems (read: acne). However, shortly after starting to use Dr. Hauschka products, I noticed that my skin’s texture was more refined and that my complexion was brighter and clearer. My skin felt neither tense nor oily, as if I found the perfect middle ground. In fact, the treatments naturally supported my skin’s delicate balance – which got me ecstatic and thus convinced me to tell you all about them.

Besides my morning and evening routines, that I just love, I cannot help but also tell you about the intense day and night cure for sensitive skin I am presently undergoing. In specific terms, it is an anti-redness and imperfection treatment to counter the effects of seasonal changes. Twice a day, I apply little ampoules of cream after washing my face. Made with pearl and malachite, this cream allows the skin to breathe freely while guiding its natural renewal process.

Even though I had been warned of his “miracle effect,” I remained sceptical. My verdict? For the first time in years, my skin is naturally adapting to the changes in temperature. Usually, as soon as fall comes (drop in temperature, reduced sunlight exposure, etc.), my skin starts acting up. Not this time! I had one or two small pimples, but that’s it! So it works! Because of this treatment, along with my morning and evening routines and my balanced lifestyle … my skin is doing great!

Sans titreDr. Hauschka launches its brand new line of all natural and organic makeup!

The products in Dr. Hauschka’s make-up range are 100% natural and certified organic by NATRUE, they are fragrance, synthetic, preservatives, mineral oil, paraben, silicone and PEG free. And not to mention, they are eco-friendly and not tested on animals.

I had the chance to try out the volume mascara, the eyebrow gel (which smells terribly good!), the corrective translucent powder and the lipstick (which I loved). In addition to being 100% natural, they are good for you and for the environment, all the while enhancing your natural beauty. So it’s a big YES for me!

Hopefully this article made you want to try Dr. Hauschka’s products, which I could never live without again!

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