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Two plant-based post-workout supplements

Two plant-based post-workout supplements

Find out how Vega Sport Protein Performance and Recovery Accelerator plant-based supplements play a crucial role in your body’s recovery.

Vega, known for its gluten-free plant-based supplements with no artificial flavors and preservatives, offers a range called Vega Sport designed to meet the specific needs of athletes. Two of these are specifically designed to promote post-workout recovery:

Performance Protein

This protein supplement helps rebuild muscles after training, as well as reducing recovery time. It offers 30 grams of vegetable protein (peas, alfalfa, pumpkin and sunflower seed protein), 6 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and 6 grams of glutamine per serving. Its formula (enriched with performance ingredients such as turmeric, cherry and probiotic) is sugar-free and suitable for people following the ketogenic diet. (Flavors available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry, Mocha)

Recovery Accelerator

This mixture, made with 23 plant-based ingredients, is designed to accelerate post-workout recovery on several levels: it contributes to rehydration, protein synthesis, replenishment of glycogen stocks in muscles, reparation of muscle and soft tissue, reducing inflammation, stimulating the immune system, and supporting hormones. (Flavors available: Apple berry, Tropical)

(This content was developed in partnership with Vega.)

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