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Vega One plant-based protein beverages

Vega One plant-based protein beverages

Take a closer look at Vega One’s organic all-in-one shakes and unsweetened natural all-in-one shake. Both are low in calorie, gluten-free and no sugar added vegan protein supplements.

Organic all-in-one shakes

Available in a vanilla or chocolate cream flavor, these all-in-one organic shakes contain 20g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber, 500mg of polyunsaturated omega-3s, 50% recommended daily intake of vitamins, probiotics as well as green vegetables such as spinach and kale in each serving.

Unsweetened natural all-in-one shake

In addition to being a protein supplement, this unsweetened natural all-in-one shake can also be used as a meal replacement or as a partial flour replacement in pastries! Each serving contains 20g of plant-based proteins, 6g of fiber (24% of the recommended daily intake), 1.5g of polyunsaturated omega-3s, 11 vitamins and minerals (50% of the recommended daily intake), antioxidants, probiotics, as well as vegetables and greens.

(This content was developed in partnership with Vega.)

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