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Wellness: 10 Christmas gift ideas

Wellness: 10 Christmas gift ideas

Here are a few gift ideas to take care of yourself and your loved ones!

1. Essential oil diffusers – Le Comptoir Aroma

These essential oil diffusers not only make for beautiful decorative objects, but they also allow you to clean the air in your home while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

2. Essential oils – Pranarôm

Natural and organic, these essential oils have soothing and therapeutic virtues. A few drops in a diffuser or a hot bath are enough to treat yourself to a moment of happiness.

3. Aromatherapy bracelets – Goddess Garden

Thanks to their porous lava stones, these accessories can retain and diffuse the essential oils of your choice throughout the day!

4. Lattes – Maygan

Organic, natural, vegan and caffeine-free, these powder blends from local company Maygan will charm you with their pastel hues, unique taste and health benefits.

5. Bottles, cups and glasses – Corkcicle

Four reasons to love them: they are made of triple insulated stainless steel, have a splash-proof lid, keep drinks hot or cold for long hours and have a lovely design!

6. Therapeutic Cushions – Amma Thérapie

In addition to being produced locally and in an eco-friendly way, these cushions are natural and made from organic grains. In everyday life, they can be used for both pain relief and relaxation.

7. Pillows – Neka

Why are local company Neka’s pillows for adults and children so special? They are filled with 100% buckwheat hulls, they are hypoallergenic dust and mite resistant, and their covers are machine washable.

8. Light therapy lamps – La Luna

Nicknamed the blue white, the cold white light ranges between 4,600°K and 6,500°K. It offers a bright light that increases well-being, concentration and motivation.

9. Book Tout passe by Nicole Bordeleau (French) – Éditions Édito

Through this inspiring and luminous book, yoga master and meditation teacher Nicole Bordeleau shares her life lessons in order to help us answer the question “How can we serenely embrace change in our lives?”

10. Books Guide pratique d’aromathérapie (French) – Pranarôm

These books, by Belgian aromatologist and pharmacist Dominique Baudoux, provide information on the best essential oils to use to relieve stress, as well as the twelve basic essential oils needed to create a variety of formulas to treat many ailments. 


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