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Wellness favourites: 3 local energizing and ecofriendly beverages

Wellness favourites: 3 local energizing and ecofriendly beverages

This Earth month, I would like to introduce you to three Quebec brands of energizing and eco-responsible beverages. Discover their features and the reasons why I love them!

1 – The new Upcycle smoothies from Dose

If you already love Dose cold pressed juices, you’ll love their new Upcycle smoothies. Created to reduce food waste, they are made from recycled juice pulp, to which are added 10g of organic sprouted rice protein … and a lot of love!

Why I love them: For their mission and for the delicious flavours. Although I’m a big fan of Yogi juice (my favourite green juice!), I’m convinced that it’s better to eat fruits and vegetables with their fibre – which a smoothie allows – to get the most nutrients and to feel more satiated. Upcycle smoothies also have great protein content, so it’s a perfect option for breakfast or a snack on the go!

Available flavours: Banana, strawberry and flax; Mango, beetroot and goji berry; Pineapple, spinach and chlorella; Mango, carrot and turmeric.

2 – LOOP Cold pressed juices

LOOP juices have also have a mission to reduce food waste, but in a completely different way. These are rather made of ugly fruits and vegetables that didn’t make it to supermarkets because of their unattractive appearance. And that’s not all! After the production of the juices, the fruit and vegetable pulp is collected to make Wilder Harrier dog treats! So there is virtually no loss, and every member of the family can enjoy!

Why I love them: For the eco-friendly gesture (the dog treats are a great idea!) And, of course, the variety of flavours offered. There is something for everyone!

Available flavours: BEACH BUM (pineapple, yellow pepper, ginger, lime and turmeric); BIG BANG (honeydew, grape, pomegranate, lemon, raspberry and beetroot); HIGH ACHIEVER (grape, cucumber, green apple, beetroot, carrot, celery, lemon, romaine lettuce, lime and cayenne); KING OF THE HILL (clementine, cantaloupe, carrot, fennel, pineapple, green apple, lime and turmeric); MORNING GLORY (clementine, orange, strawberry); UNDERCOVER (pear, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, green apple, kale, lemon, celery, romaine, parsley and jalapeños).

3 – RISE Kombucha tea

While RISE’s primary mission was to offer a healthy alternative to existing beverages on the market, its founders also wanted to create a non-damaging product for the environment. Result? Their drinks, produced and bottled in Montreal, are made of organic and fair-trade ingredients!

Why I love them: For the entrepreneurial genius behind this brand! Personally, I think that if kombucha is now part of our everyday life, it’s thanks to RISE. In addition to helping in maintaining gut health (and a clear mind!), this #HappyBelly drink comes in different flavours. For my part, I always go back to my first love… lemongrass flavour!

Available flavours: Ginger, Mint & chlorophyll, Lemongrass, Blueberry & maple, Hibiscus & rosehips and Rose & schizandra.

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