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Why buy an organic Christmas tree this year?

Why buy an organic Christmas tree this year?

For the second year in a row, Avril is partnering with Sapin Bio Québec to offer its customers the chance to purchase an organic Christmas tree and make an environmentally friendly gesture.

Eco-friendly farming methods

Located in Stanstead on 149 acres of land where up to 60,000 trees can grow, Sapin Bio Québec is the first producer of Ecocert Canada certified organic fir trees in the province. What distinguishes organic fir trees from other natural fir trees on the market? For starters, they do not contain any chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc.). The growing method of Sapin Bio Quebec is based on the enrichment of the soil by means of green manures: the farmers first plant cereals or clovers, mow them and let them break down into compost, then plant the little firs and fertilize them with chicken manure. Interesting fact: every time a tree is harvested, Sapin Bio Québec replants another one!

In the respect of nature

“The simple act of planting trees is an important step in sequestering CO2. Also, by not leaving the ground between the fir trees bare, we contribute to the stability of the grounds and help fight erosion”, states Daniel Laflèche, founder of Sapin Bio Québec. Indeed, in addition to the large variety of native flowers and plants that blend naturally with the fir trees, the producers of Sapin Bio Québec grow plants that help feed bees in nectar and pollen as well as attract an array of insects and birds. Another thing that attracts animals: the slow growth of fir trees. Since they take an average of ten years to reach maturity and to be harvested, animals have time to find refuge there. “Birds and wild turkeys nest here, insectivorous birds feed on our land, foxes burrow there, deer and black bears eat the grass, plants and flowers that we grow, coyotes hunt here as well…Our land is a myriad of natural resources that we are committed to protect,” says Daniel.

How to purchase your organic Christmas tree?

1. Order it in-store, online (at avril.ca) or by phone (1 844 375-6446).

2. Choose a size (6-7 feet or 7-8 feet).

3. Choose a drop-off point (one of the 8 Avril branches).

4. Pick up your tree on November 29th, 30th or December 1st, presenting a proof of purchase.

+ For every tree sold, $ 5 is given to the guignolée!


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