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Zengarry cashew cheese

Zengarry cashew cheese

Have you cut dairy products from your diet for personal or for health reasons? Fauxmagerie Zengarry will satisfy your cravings with these 100% vegan cashew cheeses!

The little story of Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Fauxmagerie Zengarry was founded in 2013 in Ontario by Lynda Turner. It was after becoming vegan that this former Health Canada biologist and ecotoxicologist came up with the idea of ​​using her scientific knowledge to develop her own line of “cheeses” without any animal ingredients. She started selling her products in some grocery stores in Ottawa and today distributes them in more than 200 points of sale across the country!

Cashew cheese

Among the different sources of vegetable protein available on the market, the cashew nut has been chosen for the making of Zengarry blends. In addition to being a source of good fat and containing many vitamins and minerals promoting good health, cashew gives a creamy texture to the cheese. All the Zengarry cheeses are made with natural ingredients and are free of synthetic food additives, preservatives, gluten, GMOs and dairy products. The following flavors are offered at Avril:

 – Garlic and fine herbs: This soft, garlic-flavored cheese with parsley, tarragon and thyme is reminiscent of the flavor and texture of a Boursin cheese. (Ingredients: raw cashew nuts, water, quinoa probiotic, parsley, yeast, locally grown garlic, herbs and sea salt)

 – Double-crème: A classic, this cheese is distinguished by its creamy texture and its great versatility. (Ingredients: raw cashew nuts, water, raw coconut oil, quinoa probiotic, nutritional yeast and sea salt)

 – Sun dried tomato and basil: Whether as a spread, a hot dip or in pasta sauce…this flavor that is by far the favorite of all! (Ingredients: raw cashew, water, quinoa probiotic, dried tomatoes, yeast, locally grown garlic, fresh basil and sea salt)


(This content has been developed in partnership with Fauxmagerie Zengarry).

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