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Avril Supermarché Santé introduced its Privilege Program as a way to give back to its loyal customers. 1% of all on-line and in-store pre-tax purchases are accumulated as a dollar value on the Privilege card. The Avril dollars accumulated on the card can be redeemed for any after-tax purchase, both in-store and on the Avril.ca online store.

Avril Privilege card

Rules, terms and conditions

The following rules, terms and conditions apply to Avril’s Privilege Program, and should be read by Avril Privilege card owners. 

By using the Avril Privilege card as part of this Program, the client is aware of these rules and accepts each of the methods described below. The term “client” or “member” refers to any person to whom a Privilege card has been issued by Avril Supermarché Santé.

Terms of registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions

In-store registration

Privilege cards can be picked up in person at any of the Avril Supermarché Santé store. Membership is free. You must provide, if required, identification with your photo and/or date of birth. Your card will start accumulating reward dollars after being handed to you in store. 

1. You must activate your card online by creating your account and select ” Yes” when asked if you already have a Privilege card. You can then link your card (16 digits on the back) and then you can use it on your in-store purchases or online at Avril.ca. You can also check your dollars balance via your online account.

2. If you do not wish to create an online account, you can fill the activation form directly in-store, and we will activate it for you. You can also take the form home, fill it out and send it back for activation to:

Programme Privilège Avril
Avril Supermarché Santé
11 rue Évangéline, Granby
Québec, Canada, J2G 6N3

Please note that you will start accumulating Avril dollars as soon as a card is given to you. However, the card needs to be activated before becoming a member of the Privilege Program and being able to redeem your dollars.

By signing the activation form of the Privilege Program, or by using the Avril Privilege card for the first time, members :

  • Attest that they are of legal age in their province or state of residence (or that they have otherwise received consent of a parent or guardian);
  • Consent that Avril Supermarché Santé collects and uses the personal information they have provided, unless the client has specified otherwise;
  • Agree that all rules and regulations of the Privilege Program can be modified at any time by Avril Supermarché Santé.

Businesses, companies, joint ventures, partnerships, groups and associations can also register at for the Privilege Program. Limit of one Privilege card per person or organization.

Members consent that Avril Supermarché Santé collects and uses the personal information they have provided, within the limits of privacy and confidentiality rules set by Avril Supermarché Santé.

Registered members living in the same household will be considered different cardholders and their reward Avril dollars will accumulate separately on each of their Privilege card.

Online registration

1. If you cannot physically pick up a card in store, you may register directly on Avril.ca to obtain a virtual Privilege card, free of charge. Create an online account select ”No” when asked if you already have a Privilege card.

2. If you want to use this virtual card in store, you must then print a paper copy (from your online account), bring it in store and present it for scanning during payment. If you will be visiting us in store soon, we recommend you to pick up a Privilege card then. Online cards are primarily meant for online customers to accumulate Avril dollars. Limit of one card per user.

3. If you want to make purchases on Avril.ca without accumulating any dollars, please checkout as a Guest.

Accumulating dollars in store

Members must present their Privilege card upon purchase in order to accumulate Avril dollars. The card must be scanned before the transaction has closed. No exceptions will be made for clients who do not have their card. Avril Supermarché Santé will not refund any products on the account of a Privilege card. Customers will not be allowed to bring an old receipt in order to scan their card for Avril dollars. Customers will not be allowed to use the card number to accumulate Avril dollars; the card must be scanned. 

Accumulating Avril dollars online

In order to accumulate Avril dollars online, you must create an online account and :

1. If you already own a registered Privilege card, check « Yes » when asked if you already have an Avril Privilege card. Associate your card (16 digits at the back). Once the form is complete, click Register. Your card will then be linked to your account and you can start accumulating and redeeming Avril dollars.

2. If you do not own a registered Privilege card, check « No » when asked if you already have an Avril Privilege card. Once the form is complete, click Register. A virtual Privilege card will be issued to you and will start accumulating Avril dollars immediately. Avril dollars can be redeemed both in store and online.

Avril Privilege account

Avril dollars instantly and automatically show on your Privilege account after a purchase in store or online.

Avril dollars

Avril dollars are accumulated as follows:

Avril dollars are equal to one percent (1%) of pre-tax transaction value.  Avril Supermarché Santé can modify this percentage at any time for, for any amount of time for promotional purposes.  Avril Supermarché Santé reserves the right to modify the Avril dollars rules on specific products in specific stores, for promotional purposes.  


There is no limits to the number of Avril dollars that can be accumulated on a Privilege card. However, Privilege dollars will only remain active for 24 months after the card was used for the last time. 


One (1) Avril dollar is equivalent to one Canadian dollar (1 $ CAN). Avril dollars cannot be exchanged for money under any circumstance, nor be used in any transaction not specified in the rules and regulations, unless specified by Avril Supermarché Santé.

Offers and promotions

The accumulation of Avril dollars cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.


To inquire about the amount of Avril dollars on your Avril Privilege card, have your card scanned in store or log into your online account.

Avril Supermarché Santé reserves the right to grant extra Avril dollars when purchasing specific products and/or during specific promotions and/or within a specific time frame. These exceptions will be communicated by email by Avril Supermarché Santé.

Purchases made with Avril dollars will only be allowed if the balance of the card allows such method of payment. 

If a refund is made on a product with which Avril dollars were accumulated, all dollars will be returned to the cardholder. Avril dollars can not be reimbursed in cash.

Transfer of Avril dollars

Accumulated Avril dollars can not be transferred (in part or in full) to another person. Two (2) exceptions may be granted by Avril Supermarché Santé:

At the cardholder’s death, membership and Privilege accumulated dollars can be transferred to the person designated by the estate and will be subject to the same conditions and regulations. A death certificate must be shown for the transferal of dollars to occur. Once the transferal is done, the account and card of the deceased person will be cancelled.  If an individual refuses to comply with these rule, the card will be canceled and the accumulated Avril dollars will be canceled.

If a Privilege card has not been in use for more than twelve (12) months, a notice will be sent by email to remind the user that the card must be used within the next six (6) months. Following the expiry of that period, or if the holder cancels his or her Privilege card, all Avril dollars accrued will be automatically canceled without compensation within ten (10) days after the one of the two (2) contingencies.

Lost or stolen card

In the case of a lost or stolen card, the holder is responsible for notifying the manager of the Avril Privilege Program immediately. Avril dollars will be automatically transferred to the new card once it is issued.

Avril Supermarché Santé can not be held responsible for the transactions made on the account between the time the card was lost or stolen and when the Privilege Program manager has been notified.

Offense or fraud

Any case of fraud or abuse  by the client with respect to the Privilege Program, as well as any case of false information provided by the customer or non-compliance with rules conditions by the customer will be cause for termination of the Program and any accumulated dollars will be lost.

Avril Supermarché Santé can terminate a membership for reasonable cause such as cheating, abuse, embezzlement, card cloning or any other unacceptable behavior without any notice.

Modifying or terminating the Privilege Program

Avril Supermarché Santé reserves the right to terminate, suspend, modify or add, remove or edit any condition of the Privilege Program without any notice. Should the Program be terminated, members will have a period of three (3) months to redeem their Avril dollars, but will no longer be able to accumulate any dollars starting on the date of termination. 

Should the Program be terminated for reasons outside of Avril Supermarché Santé’s control, Avril Supermarché Santé reserves the right to cancel all Avril dollars without any notice, without any possibility of dollars transferal or refund.  

Technical issues

Avril Supermarché Santé disclaims all responsibility for the malfunction of any hardware or software, the loss or absence of network communication or any faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible, or erased computer or network transmissions that may limit a person’s ability to participate in the Program. Avril Supermarché Santé also disclaims all liability for any loss or damage that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from downloading any Web page or software or by the transmission of any information related to the Privilege Program.


Avril Supermarché Santé does not in any way guarantee that the website or any other linked site will be accessible or functional without interruptions during the Program period or that they will be free of unintentional mistakes.

General informations

Rules for the implementation of this Program are subject to Canadian laws as well as the laws and regulations in the country or province of residence of the cardholder. In the event that any statent contained herein is found void or illegal, such statements or part thereof should then be deemed unwritten and other statements contained in this document will remain in effect.

Program members are responsible for any federal and provincial tax (including income tax) that may be incurred when accumulating or redeeming Avril dollars.


Personal information collected through the Privilege Program will only be used only by Avril Supermarché Santé; they will not be sold or leased to other companies or organizations. This information is necessary for managing the Program, to allow Avril Supermarché Santé to manage accounts on behalf of participants of the Program, to update Avril dollars balances,  to grant rewards and Privileges to cardholders, to better understand the needs and preferences of members and to improve services to customers. Personal information about members are considered an asset of the company and in the event of the sale or disposal of Avril Supermarché Santé, the information will be transferred to the new owner.

However, Avril Supermarché Santé will, when required by law, provide any information on the Avril dollars granted to customers, particularly with the competent tax authorities, if applicable.

Information provided to Avril Supermarché Santé upon registration to the Program can also be used to contact the owners to inform them of upcoming events, special offers and exclusive promotions. If you wish to not receive communications, please inform from Avril Supermarché Santé by email or by mail to the attention of the Program manager to:

Programme Privilège Avril
Avril Supermarché Santé
11 rue Évangéline, Granby
Québec, Canada, J2G 6N3 

Avril Supermarché Santé records must include a valid address for each holder so that Program information can be sent to the right address. Avril Supermarché Santé can not be held responsible if the holder does not receive the communication sent or if such communication is received at the last minute or after the announced event.

Responsibility Disclaimer

Cardholders release Avril Supermarché Santé, its subsidiaries, its affiliates and their respective officers or directors of any other tort or contract liabilities that may arise directly or indirectly from Privilege Program that may not have been specifically provided here.